Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d Hack – Gold and Money Cheats

Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d Hack – Gold and Money Cheats

Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d: Helicopter 3D is a fun and engrossing flying shooter game. In this game, you will be the pilot to a helicopter and by using various weapons you need to destroy the enemy units. Moreover, you need to collect several goodies by completing a range of missions in the gameplay. The game can be enjoyed on Android and iOS devices also we have a working Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d Hack for this game.

To download the game on Android devices, the space required will be 95 MB. The app requires you to install the latest version of the Google Play Games app, which requires 8 MB space. You need to create your gaming id on Google Play Games App and then download Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d: Helicopter 3D game. Simple, isn’t it? So, get ready to download the game , use our Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d Hack and then have a fun time while shooting through your chopper. However, before you begin playing, read on these important aspects of the game:

  • There are 4 episodes to play in the game and each section of the episode is called as a Mission. Each episode consists of story missions. These are based on actual stories of various wars that took place in the real world. This feature makes the game all the more engrossing.
  • The game is not easy to play so you need to learn some tactics for saving your helicopter from getting destroyed by the enemies. Sometimes the destroyed installation in the enemy base will give boosts, so touch and collect them.
  • Tap the attack button for destroying targeted enemy. Your main aim should be to try and destroy the enemy truck. For that, you can even make use of the booster to quickly move to the target.
  • If you notice an Enemy Patrol Boat near the ocean, then to achieve victory over it you need to use a pre-emptive strike.
  • You can accumulate numerous weapons and special equipments, depending on the characteristics of your chopper. Some of these items include boosters and radar.
  • A great tip here is to try and destroy the enemy base by using Aerial Strike items. If you want to destroy infantry and buildings quickly, then make use of Rockets.

Controls Of The Game:

Controlling the helicopter won’t be easy in the start. You need to use the on-screen keypad for moving your chopper back and forth, firing your weapons, calling support, etc. Use the button on the lower left corner of the screen to move forward and backward. Tilt the device sideways to move to the left and right. Tilt the device up and down to move the device up and down.

It is hard to aim as well as to land the chopper. You need to make minute adjustments while firing at targets. In fact, targeting on stationary objects as well as moving targets is quite challenging. It is advisable to tilt and set your device to about 80 degrees for easier gunship control. The next step is to try and move to acquire goodies in the gameplay.

There are various icons provided in the controls of the game for moving forward, backward, booster, etc. Gradually, you will learn how to use both hands to fly and shoot. As you keep progressing in the game, you will come across some tough missions. Your objective is to complete all missions to win the game. So, keep experimenting with various options of controls in the game so that you get comfortable quickly.

Beginner’s Pack:

In the beginning, you will start with the training mission, which will provide a general idea about the game. Once you complete the training mission, you can acquire the reward and prepare for the upcoming battles. You can then start playing the game. At that time, you will be rewarded with a discounted rate on the beginner’s pack of goodies. This pack consists of G 200, $200,000 and Apache Chopper. The original price of this pack is $11.99; however, you can buy it for $0.99 USD only or simply generate with our Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d Hack.

Combat support fund:

It provides weapon and funds for combat. The items available in the fund are 500,000 Cash, Call B2 Strike, Emergency Repair, Hind, and G 500. Don’t worry if it sounds a lot, just use Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d Cheats.


You can check out the notices sent by the developer regarding new helicopters that are been added to the game. Moreover, you can even check the Events that are going to be held in context to the game. There is a forum available where you can be friends with other players and ask your queries or give suggestions. Bug reporting and suggestions to the developers can also be done.

To stay in touch with other players, you can join the ‘Plug’, which is a community for mobile games. The Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d: Helicopter 3D game is extremely popular and has over 70 million downloads from across the world. You can even check the rankings of other players worldwide and know the gamers that are on top of the list.

Whenever a new item is purchasable in the game, you will be sent a notification. Some choppers are available for free, while others require in-game currencies which is good, because you can get in-game currency with Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d Hack.

Graphics Of The Game:

The game has stunning 3D graphics, animations, and engaging military scenarios, which mostly reflect a reasonable degree of realism. Watching the innumerable choppers is a delight and once you visit the game store, you will be amazed with the various powerful helicopters of all nations.

Moreover, the landscapes, enemy units, and structures are very impressive. The visual effects of the firing of weapons and explosives blend well with the action and gives enormous pleasure to watch in the game. Not to forget, the game’s audio is perfect too! You will even get an option to either switch on or off the sound effects. The game settings are available in various languages like English, French, etc. So, adjusting the settings won’t be tough!

How To Acquire Choppers?

There are innumerable choppers available in the game. Some of them can be acquired by spending in-game currency, while the premium choppers can be purchased by spending real money. The premium choppers are the best ones in the game, so they are pretty expensive too. For instance, the Scorpion can be purchased for $3,000,000 whereas the Tiger can be purchased for $120,000.

The game also offers Rental Services. With this feature, you can rent a chopper for few missions by spending a good amount of real money. For instance, the Hind chopper can be rented for three missions by spending $30,000. Some players find this feature to be ridiculous as the money involved is too high.

Each chopper available in the game has its unique characteristics. These features can be customized with numerous weapons and devices of your choice. The in-game currency that you get at the installation of the game can be spent on upgrading your choppers. Gradually, the currency gets replenished and there is no way to acquire it. The only way to get some in-game currencies is by spending your hard-earned real money.


These are held in fixed map areas. Your objective in the mission is to destroy various enemies that are at ground, naval or air level. The ammo available in each chopper is divided by Clips. When the ammo clip gets over, you need to wait for few seconds to reload and get full clip.


There is limited amount of health too in the chopper. To restore Health, you need to keep an eye on the green colored Health symbol that randomly appears when you are destroying buildings. Once you see the symbol, fly through it to gain Health. Symbols like these disappear very soon, so ensure that you prioritize flying over them.


You will come across various types of enemies like puny foot soldiers, heavily armored tanks, ships, watchtowers, helicopters, etc. All of them can cause a lot of damage to your chopper. Moreover, most of them are accurate at short ranges, so it is advisable to destroy them from a distance. In case your chopper gets destroyed or you fail in a mission, then you will incur heavy losses in the form of Mission Points and Credits.

Social Networking:

Even though the game does not have multiplayer aspect, you can still connect with the game online and compare your rankings with other players. By connecting to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can purchase Gold as well as retrieve your game date on the game server. However, once you are connected online, you will get few ads to see on your device. If these are annoying you, then you can spend some Gold and get these distractions removed permanently. If you are out of Gold boost your account with Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d Hack!


At the Workshop, you can go and change your weapons. Equipping powerful weapons is equally important as controlling the combat. So, make a visit to the Workshop soon!


All in all, Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d Helicopter 3D is an engaging gameplay with impressive graphics. However, after the initial few stages of the game, it becomes difficult to survive without spending real world money or using Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d Cheats. So, if you are ready to spend real money on online games then you should certainly give Gunship Battle Helicopter 3d Helicopter 3D a shot!

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