Episode Hack – Get Unlimited Gems and Passes

Episode Hack – Get Unlimited Gems and Passes

If you have been into role-playing games, then you may be aware that today several role-playing playing games have been launched. Among all of them, I found one best RPG game named Episodes choose your story. It is the best way to pass your leisure hours having fun playing the roles in the virtual world of Episodes. It is a role-playing simulation game where you need to make a lot of choices at various points in the game. You one decision can change the whole story, thus, causing a path-breaking effect on the story. The game was created by the company named Pocket gems in 2014, and it has been loved by the folks so much that there are over 5 million downloads from the app stores.

Here, the whole story depends on your decision that you make all along the way. The story itself is divided into little sections that can be unlocked using the passes and the funds. Therefore, spend them wisely or else use the Episodes hack.


The game has a fantastic storyline which will make you stick to the game for sure, and you will not be able to prevent yourself from being addicted to the game. Let’s have a brief look at its gameplay.

When you open the game, you will find that the game is having a considerable collection of different stories, from which you can choose. You can enjoy these stories if you have android or iOS dais gadgets.

Make choices regarding your dresses, going on a date, and much more. Slowly you will be able to unlock several episodes of the game.


Now let’s have a look at the essential stuff in the game that is the funds. The funds are necessary if you want to continue the game smoothly without getting stuck. There are two central funds in the game that require maintenance. These two credits are the gems and the passes. Below I have mentioned brief information about these currencies:

– Gems: The gems are the main and the only currency in the game. Now you may be wondering that for what reasons the gems are so essential in the game and where can they be utilized. Thus, the answer to that is similar to real life money; the gems are the credits in the virtual world of Episodes. TO go on dates in the game you will require maintaining your personality as well. To purchase cute outfits for you to attract others and to make several important choices during the game needs the expenditure of gems.

Therefore, it becomes crucial in the game to progress further in the game. To earn the gems in the game, you will need to work harder and also collect the daily check-in bonus. So, you can maintain a good flow of the gems in the game. Another alternative to get these is using the Episode cheats. Thereby, you can catch hold of an ample amount of gems instantly, and you can spend them without any worries.

-Passes: Moving on to the passes, then these are required to unlock the new chapters in the game. There are innumerable of chapters in the stories which can be only opened with the help of these passes. For that reason, it is a vital task to collect the passes regularly.

However, you can earn these by logging in to the game after the interval of every two hours. Also, various contests are organized in which you can take part and win an unlimited number of passes in the game. Or you can opt for the Episode hacks that will serve the same purpose as winning in the contests do. The hack will cut down your efforts to much extent.

Concluding all, the fact is that the Episode game is very influential in keeping the people engrossed in the game. So, now don’t get bored in your leisure instead get busy in the virtual world of Episode story.

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